Angry People Unite!

The Angry People’s Blog is a ‘venting station’ where you can rant, rave or just generally complain about all the aspects of life which make you want to scream.

We all get annoyed about things; my personal pet peeve is elderly people pushing in front of me in a long queue, as if their age and/or frailty gives them the right not to have to wait like the rest of us. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things which annoy, confound, or just plain displease me, so I created this blog so I, and others, would have a place to moan.

Anyone is free to submit a ‘rant’ to this blog, and comments are welcome. I only ask that you are respectful towards each other, and hold off on personal attacks towards other contributers.

If you want to rant on this site, go to the Have Your Say page, read the submission guidelines (nothing horrible, I promise!) and fill in the contact box. You can either do a one-off rant or be a regular contributor.